Display Elektronik GmbH was established in 1984 as a value added supplier of Liquid Crystal Displays.

We rapidly gained a first class reputation as a supplier of high quality standard and custom designed displays. Our sales activities expanded throughout Europe and other parts of the world. We hold investments in LCD production plants and have licenced contracts with certified LCD-manufacturers. We serve the whole of Europe into the following applications:

- Telecommunication
- Electromedicine
- Fuelpumps
- Gasmeters
- Electricitymeters
  - Homefacilities
- Measuringinstruments
- Automotive
- …and others

Display Elektronik GmbH has most standard products available from stock at attractive prices.

As a display specialized partner of the European manufacturing industry, we have our strength in custom-designed Display solutions. Customized LCDs, TFTs and Customized Keypads can be produced also in low volumes at economical prices.
The extensive exchange of information with our customers leads to an optimum result, if we can take part in the development at an early stage. For some customers we keep an interim stock, so that we can deliver parts immediately, in case unforeseen urgent requirements occur.

Display Elektronik GmbH offer the following display technologies
- TN (Twisted Nematic)
- HTN (High Twisted Nematic)
- ETN (Extended Twisted Nematic)
- EBTN (Enhanced Brightness TN)
- ATN (Automotive Twisted Nematic)
- VA (Vertical Alignment)
- STN (Super Twisted Nematic)
- DSTN (Double STN)
- ASTN (Automotive STN)
- FSTN (Film Compensated STN)
  - FSTN (Film Compensated STN)
- OLED (Organic LED)
- PLED (Polymer LED)
- LED (Light Emitting Diode)
- CSTN (Color STN)
- TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
- IPS (In Plane Switching TFT)
- EPD (E-Paper, Electrophoretical Displays)
Display Elektronik GmbH offer the following keypad technologies
- Membrane Switches
  - Rubber Keypads
Display Elektronik GmbH offer the following TOUCH PANEL technologies:
- 4WR (4-Wire-Resistive)
- 5WR (5-Wire-Resistive)
- 8WR (8-Wire-Resistive)
  - PCT (Projective Capacitive Touch)
- SAW (Sound Acoustic Wave)
- IR (Infrared)
Display Elektronik GmbH offer the following BACKLIGHT technologies:
- LED Lightguide (Indirect Light)
- LED Lightbox (Direct Light)
- EL (Electroluminescent Foil)
  - CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light)
- RGB (RGB LED Backlight)
- OLED (OLED Backlight)
For contacting the following solutions are available:
- Elastomer/Zebra connection
- Heatseal-Foil
- ZIF-Connectors
  - Fixed Pins
- FFC (Flat-Flexible-Cable)
- FPC (Flexible-Printed-Circuit)
We offer a full custom design service, from a simple segment panel display through to a complete monochrome or color graphic display solution including interface, backlight and additional components like buttons. This includes a permanent technical support during the series production until your project ends.

Please contact us - We will make sure that the first step will lead to a successful longlasting reliable partnership

...Join our partnership!

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